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Top figures to know about the slot game you are playing right now

figures to know about the slot game

Check out the most significant figures in a link joker123 slot platform. See how to use any of these figures in your strategy.

What is your personal preparation for a new slot game challenge? Do you read only the terms and conditions just to reach the box to mark? Or you are making a huge preliminary research of what the game is about.

The truth is that slot games follow a standard line of gameplay. Although we always recommend the gamblers to read the terms and conditions of different casino products, in the section with slots you will find similar games that are played in a similar way, but have different figures. The figures you need to be attentive about are the distinguishing factors within the big flood of online games we can receive through a reliable slot link joker123.

Which are these figures? Discover now and always meet them before starting a new slot game whether online or offline:

  1. This is the payout ratio measured in percentages. Every online slot game has unique RTP. Your task is to consider what the minimum payout ratio you can reconcile with to play the game. If you follow the expert recommendations that should be an RTP of at least 94%. Please, be aware that traditionally fruit slots have lower RTP.
  2. The number of free spins you can receive. The figure can be more than one. There are slot machines which can offer you different packs of free spins – for instance, packs of 5, 10 and 20 free spins. In this second case, the number of free spins depends on the number of identical symbols you collect (usually scatters or wilds).
  3. The multiplier. The function of the multiplier is to multiply your win. The multiplier is not a mandatory classical slot game feature. Many slot machines don’t have multipliers. Those that have multipliers, though, explain how they work in their terms and conditions. First of all, they tell you how you can receive this feature. Second of all, they show you in numbers how much bigger your win will become at the following format – 2x, 4x multiplier, etc. 4x multiplier means that your win will be multiplied with 4.
  4. The min and max bet sizes. Of course, here the max bet seems to be more important. Even the beginners in the field of online slots know that placing the max bet is the best strategy to win in these casino games.
  5. The maximum possible win in the game. This figure is a combination of other figures, including the value of the highest paid symbol from the paytable, the maximum bet amount and sometimes, features like hidden jackpot, multipliers and etc. Basically, the max possible win figure shows you the paths to go through in the game and the course of your strategy.

Every time you start playing a new slot game you should meet these numbers. They will tell you how and when to play.

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