All About The Slots- Types And Variations

All About The Slots

Slots are real fun. This article discusses variations of slots; 1. Classic slots 2. Video slots 3. Six- and seven-reel slots 4. Progressive jackpots 65. VI slots 5. Interactive slots.

Many gamblers are fond of slots because of their easy gameplay and huge payouts. But to excel in any game, you need to have complete knowledge about the game, including its types, possibilities of winning, odds, etc. This article pens down the different kinds of slots available in online casinos.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are nothing but single slot games. It is also named the one-armed bandit and the most straightforward online slot type. The traditional slot machines require a lever to initiate a spin, thus the name “one-armed bandit.” Moreover. The classic slots were the primary key to the popularity of Vegas. It is quite popular among gamblers as it requires luck and is very easy to play. You can easily win a jackpot if luck permits by getting three similar symbols. The main drawback of this type is that you can win everything or nothing. In addition, the low number of reels reduces the number of combinations, which is also a huge disadvantage. Still, online slots use algorithms that give better payouts than mechanical slot machines.

Video Slots

Video slots are quite popular and are mostly played nowadays. It does not require any reels or lever to initiate the spin, it is completely digitalized. The main attraction of this type is that you need to press just a single button, and the spin will start automatically with a brilliant video and audio system in the background. Unlike the classic ones, you will have a video screen, thus the name “video slots.” Moreover, the video slots are the forerunner of the classic slots and provide more pay lines.

The attractive feature of this type is the free spin mode that allows the players to multiply their existing bets. The video slots have a huge jackpot, and the bets last longer than the classic ones. In addition, the odds are also higher, thus providing a high possibility of winning.

Six- and seven-reel slots

This type follows the same grid of 6*3 and 7*3 structured setup similar to video slots. The main advantage is that it has more reels, thus allowing the players to create much longer matches. It has the features of video slots, namely wild cards and re-spins, etc. With the help of these features, if you can combine the six-and seven-reels, you will get a colossal jackpot.

Progressive Jackpots

In this type, when a wager stakes a bet, a part of it contributes to the jackpot-winning money. In simple words, it means that the jackpot is made from the money contributing to the players’ stakes playing that game at that very moment. It is also known as an accumulative jackpot. Online casinos may interconnect the slots or different casinos to raise a high value of the jackpot. The value may raise to a million dollars or beyond that. But it also refers that the more the value of the jackpot, the lesser will be the chances of winning a payout. The main disadvantage of this type of slot, it requires a maximum wager to qualify for the jackpot, in other words, you have to wager on high amounts.


Apart from these types, many other types of slots are available in online casinos. The virtual Reality slots provide you the real thrill and experience of playing slots. You will feel that you are playing the game at the casinos. Moreover, the VR will deliver a realistic gambling experience rather than just staring at the slot’s screen. Interactive slots give you a thrilling storyline and the basics of this game. In a nutshell, slots are exciting and the main attraction of top-rated online casinos.

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