Money Line- What Is It And Why Is It Important In E-Sports Betting

Important In E-Sports Betting

This article will find all the details related to money lines in sports vetting and their importance for your winning record.

In the case of sports betting, especially online football betting, the term “money line” is often used. For those who want to try their hands in online football betting, it is essential to understand the concept of the money line. This article will find all the information related to the term and its importance for bookies on football.

Gamblers starting in the sports bet sector can try their hands at this as it requires less technical knowledge but offers multiple scopes for winning prize money.

What is the Money Line?

Money Line is a type of betting technique used in sports betting. In this, gamblers usually pick a probable winning team and place their bets on the team. If they make their prediction, they win.

Here the score of the game does not matter. If you make the prediction accurately, you can win the prize money, irrespective of how many goals the winning team made or how many penalties it made to win the match after a draw.

Format of Money Line

In general, the money line is written in the format of either “-XXX” or “+YYY”.

It is usually placed just beside the spread limit. If you open the betting section of a particular football match, you will find the chart of teams with their respective spreads or odds. The “Money Line” is usually placed beside the odds in that chart.

Winning Calculation

A possible game can have three outcomes, and the prize is awarded in the following manner-

  • Win: If the team you have placed your bets on wins, you get the prize money according to the respective money line.
  • Loss:If you make the wrong prediction and the team loses, you lose your money to the bookie.
  • Draw:If the teams make draws, and the game outcome is considered “X-X,” your money is returned. If the game goes for further progress, usual procedures for winning and losing are followed.


Here consider a match between Team A and Team B.

Team A has the money line of (-150), and Team B has (+190) in this match.

The team with a negative money line is the favorite team, while the one with a negative money line is the underdog.

If you place the bet on Team A, you will have to place a minimum $150 bet to win $100. On the contrary, if you place a $100 bet on team B, you will win prize money of $190.

For the underdog team, the betting prize calculation formula,

100 / money line digits = bet/x

If you place a bet of $20,

X= 20*150 /100 =30

Hence you will win $20+$30=$50

For the favorite team, the formula is,

Money line/100 = bet/x

Hence, for a bet of $20,

x= 10.53

Hence, you win $20 + $10.53 + $30.53


Money is a type of betting strategy where the gamblers place bets on the probable winner. It is a straightforward strategy that does not rely on the game score. You can use this guide to understand a basic approach on the money line for proper bet placing on any match.

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