The funniest, but yet foolish online lottery myths ever

online lottery myths

Lintasarea shares the worst online lottery myths common even among community. Let’s debunk the most stupid lottery myths in the internet right now.

Although, currently, in the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century there are thousands of lotto websites like and online lottery playing is so common, unfortunately, tones of misunderstandings about the internet version of the top common gambling game ever are still living out there. We got quite surprised when realized that not only ordinary people, but even punters with rich experience in the field still believe in them. With the assistance of lintasarea customer support and management team we have made a research regarding these weird beliefs. As a result of our partnership we have come up with a list with the funniest, but yet foolish online lottery myths ever. Let’s get started and debunk them once and for good as some of them might be even preventing you from winning the big jackpot:

  • All those lotteries in the internet are rigged and the winners are always company’s friends or “special customers”. First of all, no respectful gambling company can afford having special customers who can take the wins. If this happens, be sure that such a website will be closed in a couple of months after its debut. Second of all, like all gambling websites there are always scams among the online lotteries, too. This is why you should always check if you play in a non-trustworthy website, or in a reputable lottery house like
  • The only way to win an online lottery is only by being in the website 24/7 and buying thousands of tickets. This myth is alive among the fans of physical lotteries. In both cases – online and standard paper lotteries you can never be sure if you will win with 10000 or only 1 ticket, right? Plus – to tell you the truth, it’s not healthy to remain in any gambling website type for 24 hours per day. Such an experience will definitely get you an addition you will be later tough to deal with.
  • There is a way to hack a lottery website just like it’s possible to hack any website at all. That’s for sure. Websites that are not SSL protected or secured at all are vulnerable to hacker attacks. And if any of them has communities, especially customers, who provide their personal data and bank account details, it’s getting quite concerning. Thankfully, most of the online lottery providers follow lintasarea’s and encrypt their platforms, get licensed and regulated by the state gambling agencies.
  • It’s easier to get broken if playing online lotteries rather than buying paper tickets on a regular basis. Responsible gamblers are aware that spending their entire budgets whether for casino, lottery tickets, or sport bets is the simplest way to get addicted and eventually to get broken. In other words, if the player manages his bankroll precisely, there’s no risk for him to spend all of his cash for tickets – whether online, or offline, right?

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