Poker trends registered during the coronavirus outbreak

Poker trends

See some lockdown trends from the coronavirus period we have observed in pokerclub88. Check out how the world of online poker has changed during the hardest times we had due to Covid-19 a few weeks ago.

Although there’s still some fear among people, we’ve been trying to be positive by hoping the coronavirus threat has no longer such a big impact on our future. By all means, these days we can finally enjoy the normal life – even though, with some limits and self-discipline in mind all the time. However, if we have a glance at what has happened to us we might say that our life might indeed be never the same again.

The gambling companies claim the same. Lots of the biggest poker leaders in the sphere have reported some modifications in the market and a larger number of changes within the audience. We might even talk about concrete poker trends registered during the coronavirus outbreak.

Italy came back to poker world

We don’t claim that there are no Italian poker players – whether in the internet, or in the gambling websites. Though, many companies complained about seeing Italian punters to step away from the internet poker arena. What has happened in the country, though, made these same people come back to online poker houses. And what’s even more surprising is that the number of the previously reported normal rates of poker activity (before the Italian denial to play poker in the internet) has increased drastically.

Spain remained in the online websites, but took a different direction

Although Spain hadn’t experienced any changes within the poker market before the outbreak, we can claim, though, that Covid-19 made some changes in the local attitude towards online gambling products. It was a trend for Spanish poker pros to seek for new websites aiming to diversify their activity. Spanish players are known as strict regarding the specific time of the day they use for games. With more free time the poker pros from Spain needed something exciting to use to use it. They registered in newly opened websites such as pokerclub88, including platforms from other continents (mainly from Asia) and after the lockdown ended they expresses a huge satisfaction from each.

Looking for even more freedom

Covid-19 outbreak put some questions about freedom we generally have and that we must have given away in the sake of our health and life. All of these made poker players to need even more liberty and sense of freedom when it comes to playing poker games. Many enthusiasts have tried VR gambling products while others changed their current operators with such that use more payment methods and reduce the hardness of the classical bonus wager requirements. Of course, those betting houses that became softer during the Covid-19 outbreak have definitely won our and the audience’s respect.

What about you? Did you spend some great poker hours during the coronavirus lockdown?

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