Poker tips from and for women

Poker tips for women

Dear women and girls, don’t hesitate to read our awesome afapoker tips. These recommendations are written by women and dedicated specifically to women among the big poker audience these days.

Unfortunately, we are still witnesses of worldwide discrimination based on gender. Unfortunately, we’ve been still hearing some quiet, but confident claims that women have no place at the poker table. Thankfully, no casino has restricted women to enter it. And no website bans women to make registrations. Both – women and men can right now get in their cars and drive to the nearest poker room for some play. Both – women and men can right now visit afapoker and open a new account for some online poker game.

But still, we will keep hearing about male successes in poker. Male gambling bloggers will still be dominating in the big sea of helpful and education materials. Females are going to be a bit left behind. But not in this material. It’s an article that gathers all the poker tips written by women and dedicates specially to female poker players. Are you ready for some poker, girls? Read our top rated female poker tips before that…

  1. Try not to limp in. Try to avoid it no matter what it takes dear female poker lover!
  2. Even though most of them (yes, most of them are men, indeed) keep telling you not to bet the ace, do not take this tip for granted. Better bet it, because men actually believe that a female poker player bets only a 100% winning hand. And as you know, having an ace or even two aces is not a guarantee to take the pot.
  3. Don’t show your cards when you are in a ground casino, but in addition to this, don’t take a posture that shows some severe hiding of cards. It’s a gesture that will make the rest of your opponents believe you hide something very big.
  4. Girls, you are better when it comes to risk management and believe it or not, you are better in your poker bankroll management skills. Do whatever it takes to use these advantages and get the best of them.
  5. Stick to a simple strategy and within the time, when you earn more and more experience (we mean experience, but not on mandatory winning hands) you can step by step shape it up with more details. The deductive method is definitely the best approach when it comes to gambling.

Serious attention to the details is a great thing, but having fun is a constant you should always stick to. We don’t say it just because we understand how visible your facial gestures become, girls, but also because we believe that you deserve getting everything – more cash flow and amazing fun – from poker, just like male punters do.

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